Apollo Public Relations Services

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics

Apollo’s PR job is that of an image shaper. We work with you to generate positive publicity to introduce and enhance your reputation as a person, product or company.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Speech writing
  • Write pitches (less formal than press releases) about a firm and send them directly to journalists
  • Create and execute special events designed for public outreach and media relations
  • Conduct market research on the firm or the firm’s messaging
  • Expansion of business contacts via personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at events
  • Writing and blogging for the web (internal or external sites)
  • Crisis public relations strategies

We’re so much more than a press release distribution website – Each press release is reviewed before it’s submitted for distribution.

Apollo Press Release goes far beyond a website. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your press release – and the best results for your money! To do that, we make it our mission to get to know your organization, what you do, and what makes you unique. The purpose of a press release is to let people know who you are and all the good things that are happening at your organization. Most press release submission websites provide you with a form to fill out; then you click “submit” and hope for the best. Apollo Press Release goes the extra mile! We carefully review each release, and we offer coaching on how to tweak your release for the best results. In addition, we can have it edited and proofread – Or if you don't have time we can even write it for you! Moreover, if we write your release, we guarantee our results—a minimum of 275 pickups and most of the time many more than that. In fact, Apollo Press Release has one of the highest redistribution rates in the industry. Try us and you’ll agree that a professional touch makes all the difference in the world.


Apollo will help you get the most out of your press release. Our Press Release Experts can proof, edit, coach, and even write your release. Apollo Press does a lot more for you than just push your press release out and hope for the best. We will work with you and even guarantee results.

4,000+ Site Distribution Network

Your story is syndicated to a wide range of business, financial and news outlets to increase your presence online and in search.

Premium Publishers

Get featured on Yahoo News, AOL, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN Money, Bloomberg + many more quality publications

Targeted Distribution

Quickly find and connect with journalists that matter in your industry. You can target by news corporation, industry, location and more.

Directly Access Over 430,000 Journalists

Our database of 430k+ media contacts allows you to find and directly pitch your story to news outlets covering your industry or region.

Know Where Your Story Is Published

Know the exact sites who have published your press release, how many views it has received, and detailed search engine and social media stats

Full Guarantee

No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! We guarantee your press release will appear on at least 190 media sites or we will give you a 100% refund.

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