What Makes Apollo Press Release Unique: We are a small business helping other small businesses get the attention they deserve.

Apollo Press Release has been running several small businesses for 20 years. Over that time, we tried a lot of different marketing methods: ad words on search engines, social media, and email marketing among them. We found that many of these marketing methods may drive website traffic but not much in the way of increased sales. Press releases have got us noticed. This is because press releases have staying power. Unlike the other methods of marketing, you don't get charged every time someone reads your press release.

When you submit a press release, you get to control the content. Once it is submitted, it remains part of the internet, and does not scroll off the page in a few minutes. Press releases are only effective as their content, though. That is where Apollo comes in; we are here to help you get the most from your release. Most small business owners have to wear many hats, all the while keeping expenses low. We found the best results came when we issued four or five press releases a year. However, when they cost $250-$500 per release, it was too expensive to send them that frequently.

Apollo was created to offer the equivalent of expensive news wire services at small business pricing. If you are to busy or prefer not to write your own release, we can do that for you. If you are more of the DYI type person to save money, then you may just want our coaching and editing services. Anyway you choose, if we accept your release we will guarantee results. We can prove who picked it up in a detailed report.

Some common remarks we hear:

Q. All you press release companies are just the same.

A. That’s like saying “All shoes are the same.” Yes, all press release companies send press releases, and all shoes go on feet, but you have to dig a little deeper in order to see what goes into them and how they perform.

The cheap, bottom-dollar press-release companies (and shoe manufacturers) want you to believe that very myth that we’re all alike. We work with you on every release. We are not just a website where you press the submit button and hope for the best.

Think about that for a minute: Do the other press distribution sites actually read your press release before it goes out? Can you call them and ask questions? They can guarantee how many sites the release gets pushed to, but Apollo Press Release guarantees that it gets picked up. The truth is that you can pay too much for press releases, and you can pay too little. You need to be an informed consumer and know what you’re getting for your investment.

Q. If an idea is newsworthy, it will get picked up naturally; if it’s not, then no amount of “distribution” will matter.

A. It’s true that some things are so newsworthy that they spread like wildfire. How many of these super-viral stories do you see in a week: two or three? Sometimes none?

Hey, if you are sitting on that kind of story, you certainly don’t need Apollo Press Release or anyone else to help you spread it. But if you’re like the rest of us, you need to look for any edge you can find to be heard above the noise.

With 27.9 million businesses in the US alone and more than one billion websites worldwide, sometimes you need a professional in your corner to get the word out about your story.

Q. I tried doing a press release a while back, and it was a dud. Maybe they work for others, but not for my situation.

A. Maybe your press release was in fact a dud. And you might even be right that press releases don’t work in your situation, but let’s look harder at the “they don’t work” part. You need two things in order for press releases to work:

  • Something newsworthy.
  • Effective press-release distribution. Sometimes that may require coaching, editing and writing.

Here’s something you can take to the bank: If you ask us for our opinion on how newsworthy your story is, we’ll tell you the truth. That’s very different from the automated guys–the ones that suck up your story and spam it out to a list of a jillion “news outlets” with no human involvement but at a really great price. They’ll never turn down your money.

It has been our experiences that most people come to us with a newsworthy story, but they need a little coaching on how to word it to get the story picked up. We can help with that; sometimes just a little tweaking makes all the difference. We also have professional editors who can review and edit your final draft to make sure what goes out is the best it can be. Once a release has been submitted for distribution, you can't take it back.

Just to be clear: we like money as much as the next company, so we’ll try our best to find the news angle in your story. But if it’s just not there, we will tell you that.

Q. In this era of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other great free services, anyone charging more than a few bucks for distribution is a rip-off artist. After all, you’re just hitting “send” to your list.

A. These services are free because they make billions on advertising. It’s a different business model from the rest of the economy, where doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and press-release companies charge for their services.

Of course it makes sense to be careful and not waste your money on crazy stuff.

If you pay for an online submission service, then you get a computer program that takes your money and blasts your press release out to hundreds of thousands of addresses in a cheap database. It’s unlikely any humans paid attention to the emails when they arrived in their spam buckets. But, hey, you paid for a “press-release service.” This is the equivalent of eating pink slime for dinner. Yes, it’s technically food (or technically a press release), but that’s all you can say about it.

When you Use Apollo Press Release Service, We will give you our honest opinion about your press release, and will also help to polish it. And when it’s ready, we will send it out to our very robust list of news outlets, journalists and press services. Our reputation is at stake with every press release. A bad press release makes us look bad too. That is why we are very selective about what we accept for distribution.

Even so, we try to keep our prices reasonable by not paying for elaborate office space or three-martini lunches for our staff. That way, we hope to give you solid value for your money, and maximum effective exposure for your press release.

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